Thursday, 6 October 2016

MCR Viewing Area

On Sunday 18 September we were on our way home from Liverpool from a wedding when we called into the Viewing Area at Manchester Airport. It was a glorious day and there were plenty of arrivals and departures throughout the 90 minutes or so that we were there.

For those folks that have not been there before it is a well laid out area with two reasonable sized raised areas to take pictures over the top of the fence. There is a place to eat, inside the building that houses Concorde, and a place to spend your money on models. Considering the directions in which the parallel runways are laid photography in the morning will always be into the sunlight as it was on this day, but on the positive side it does allow for a bit of artistic use of reflections. There are two aircraft on the edge of the carpark, a Trident and a Nimrod, both of which are opened up at times for tours. Unfortunately not when we where there. Photographing either aircraft is impossible without lots of ground clutter. On the opposite side of the area behind the Concorde building is the BAe-146 that looks in need of some TLC. Again this aircraft was not open for viewing either. 

The following pictures give an impression of the traffic on the day and what can be seen and photographed from the raised areas.

With cropping some of the pictures the ugly barbed wire can be removed, but as the A380 image shows sometimes that just is not possible.

Worth a visit, especially when passing on a sunny day and a couple of hours to spare.

Theo Claassen
6 October 2016

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