Friday, 7 August 2015

Midland Air Museum - 4 July 2015

Theo Claassen
7 August 2015 

Coventry Airport - Air Pageant

For the second time in 2015 the Classic Air Force at Coventry Airport staged a mini flying display featuring some of its own aircraft as well as some other interesting types tasking part on an "air race". The event took place on Saturday 4 July and the weather was glorious for an outdoor aviation day.

In the preceding publicity the starting time was announced as being 13:30, however, if you turned up just before that you had already missed the Vampire T11, which performed its lovely flowing display more than an hour earlier.

Her chosen project is the Aro Vulcan, seen here entering XL360 at Baginton
Anyway, yours truly did not attend, instead took my granddaughter to the Midland Air Museum from where we saw the flying and I managed to snap a few shots. She is in the Beavers and wanted to go in for the Air Activities Badge, so grandad was and still is a willing assistant. The project is still ongoing, we have a number of things to complete together and sI will take her to Cosford in the coming days for one of her challenges. She has to write about one particular aircraft and she has chosen the Vulcan. Unfortunately she could not site in the pilot's seat, but she did have a full tour.

As it turned out the flying display did not last very long, but she enjoyed sitting in cockpits and spending time with Chris in the Argosy, hence the picture she took of the both of us. 

The museum was visited by one of the country's TVR clubs showing off some lovely cars. They stayed for an hour or so before moving on again.

The "air race" was really a parade of vintage aircraft, which cavorted around the sky for 20 minutes or so.

I missed the Vampire as we were still meandering through the interior of the museum, but I did manage to get a few of the Meteor duo, their formation and individual displays making quite a unique spectacle. Here is a small selection.

In the next blog I will share some of the pictures of the Midland Air Museum's excellent collection of  aircraft.

Theo Claassen
4 August 2015